Benefits of EFL

Extensive research shows that early diagnosis of and interventions of disabilities such as autism are more likely to have increased positive long term effects on symptoms and later skills.

Early intervention occurs when a child’s brain is still developing, during or before a child’s pre-school years. This can be as early as 2 to 3 years; during this period, a child’s brain is more changeable than at older years, and because of this, treatment has a higher chance of being more effective in the long term. Early intervention not only gives children the best start to live a relatively normal life, but also the best chance of developing to their full potential. It is no secret that the earlier a child gets help, the greater the chances of learning and progressing in ways that may not be possible if they had started treatment later on.

Early intervention programs include a range of different treatment sessions such as:

  1. Family training
  2. Speech therapy
  3. Physical therapy
  4. Nutritional services.

These treatment methods have the ability to improve your child’s self esteem, confidence levels, independence, and gives them the push they need to directly regulate their life without being dependent on someone else. This increase in their self esteem will allow your child to grow up to be more confident and content with themselves, as they have the ability to perform daily tasks by themselves, and are therefore able to maintain some power over their own lives.

With early intervention, the potential for children’s autism levels to decrease is higher as they grow into adult life. This is accompanied with a higher IQ level, increased gross and fine motor skills, increased verbal communication and progression in their social skills.

At Impact, EFL is considered one of the foundations for improvement in children with ASD- and it is highly favoured that children with ASD are brought for therapy and treatment sooner rather than later. We ensure they are able to complete basic daily tasks and increase their independence with weekly trips to the grocery store, KFC etc.