Autism Treatment Centre is Lahore’s most advanced and committed centre for autistic children, with daily hours and care facility.

We use the highly successful and influential ‘Push-In’ model theory in our classrooms, which is guided by a Board of Advisors from the United States. We have seen a substantial positive impact in ASD children as a result of this. While using an eclectic approach for our children’s IEP and program development we incorporate Applied Behavioral Analysis ABA principles and discipline also.

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We feel pride in sharing that in 2018 we mainstreamed 7 children in regular schools, and all of them are well adjusted in new set-up and further progressing. For the year 2019, we have 5 children ready for mainstream. We feel pride in sharing that in 2018 we mainstreamed 7 children in conventional schools, and all of them are well adjusted in incipient set-up and further progressing. For the year 2019, we have 5 children ready/prepared for mainstream. Similarly, 4 students in 2020 and approximately 7 are now getting ready to be mainstreamed in a regular school.

The Autism Care Centre program is structured to provide each child with all of the additional tools they’ll need to connect with others and prepare for life. In addition to the behavioral therapies and remedial support provided in the classroom, the Autism Care Centre offers speech and occupational therapy sessions to help with the interactive and physical deficiencies, respectively.


One-to-One Sessions

Every child learns in their own unique way, which is particularly true for children with special needs. ACC will assist you in identifying educational options that will build on your child’s unique strengths while also offering the necessary resources for success.

one to one
one to one


Speech Therapy

A speech therapist is one of our team’s specialised member who provies hands-on experiences that are both productive and engaging. Basic language skills, speech impairment, articulation, and other speech disabilities are all addressed in speech therapy.

A speech therapist creates a plan for each child based on their current stage, deciding whether to begin with phonics, sounds, phrases, or sentences. Years of experience have resulted in the right processes.


Occupational Therapy

Empower occupational therapy believes that every child has untapped potential that can be reached and developed through positive experiences and activities. Understanding that each child has a specific motor, sensory, and emotional make-up is critical to maximizing their ability and encouraging performance, engagement, and well-being.

Occupational therapy is a fun time for most kids to look forward to when they are in classes. Physical therapies, which are used to improve strength and reduce sensory overload such as high sounds or not touching specific textures, provide useful activities that the child will not resist.

Occupational Therapy Individual:

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Occupational Therapy Outdoor:

Group Activities

Our specially trained therapists create a variety of group activities to facilitate social interactions and peer play while also assisting them in developing verbal and attending skills.



Calendar / Circle Time

We let the kids relax, listen to their favourite rhymes, and engage in some sensory activities. This is a safe environment for your child to communicate with others and improve social skills by greetings.



Self-Help / Functional Skills

As a parent with an autistic child, this ensures that the world will begin to see your child’s strengths as well as their struggles. Skills that help them learn discipline and do things on their own, such as toilet training, hair combing, and teeth brushing.


Movement Break Time

We allow our children to be themselves for a quarter of an hour. We play soothing music at a low volume to accommodate their auditory sensitivities, and the lighting is set to twilight mode. To get them motivated for more sports, we do chair walks and gym ball..


Outdoor / Play Activities

ACC’s experts encourage games and events that are intended to boost children’s interest and help them learn new things.


Functional Skills

Children who have mastered fine motor and cognitive skills are more independent of their everyday activities. Our therapists make it a point to teach these important life skills to the children. It involves skills such as making sandwiches and tea, as well as computer skills, household chores, bedmaking, preparing the schoolbag, and personal hygiene.


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Fridays 10am to 1pm.

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