We also provide training workshops to parents, teachers, and other professionals to help children grow into healthy adults. For several years, IMPACT has been hosting a training workshop. Our training is conducted into two phases.


    • Basic Level: This workshop is intended for school faculty as an informational session. It addresses subjects such as learning difficulties, classroom management, classroom functioning, and self-confidence. The workshop will provide teachers with the skills they need to assist individual students in the classroom, as well as new insights into how to enhance the overall functioning of their classrooms.
    • Advanced Level: This workshop is the follow-up to the Basic Level workshop and is intended to include a range of strategies, procedures, and activities that will assist in improving classroom effectiveness on both an individual and community level.                                                                                                

    Parent’s Workshop:

    1. Individual Family: This is a private workshop built exclusively for an individual family’s needs and goals. The overall aim is to bring families together by addressing issues through a variety of sessions, events, and exercises.
    1. Parent Group: A workshop for parents with children with learning disabilities or who seem to be having difficulties in school or other areas of their lives. When participating in our planned curriculum, this is a perfect way for parents to exchange strategies and connect. Many people have noticed that this workshop serves as a support network that provides them with valuable advice and insight.

    IMPACT has been involved with different institutes and schools for teachers’ and parents’ training. These are;

    IMPACT has partnered with several institutes and schools to provide teacher and parent training. There are the following


    1. Lahore American School – professional development training workshops for parents and teachers regularly
    2. Beaconhouse Lahore:  A two-day workshop was designed for senior teachers and headmistresses from different branches. The topic was “Awareness of different learning disabilities and ways to cope with them”.
    3. Azam Garrison School – One day workshop on bringing awareness of ADHD and other behavioral issues to the whole school staff
    4. First-Steps school – Faisalabad – one-day training with parents of children to bring awareness about learning difficulties and behavioral issues
    5. TNS – Beaconhouse school project: Teacher’s training  for the awareness of behavioral issues and ways to tackle them
    6. Organized a 3-day training workshop with ‘READ – Dyslexia’ Karachi. The topic was: “Reading Difficulties, Writing skills, and Spellings”.
    7. Organized a 3-day training workshop on ‘Hypnotherapy training program – Level 1


Psychological counseling aims to support individuals who seek assistance in addressing barriers to general well-being. Thinking habits, mental, and emotional disorders are examples of roadblocks that can lead to psychological and physical illness.


Who can benefit from Counseling?

People suffering from anxiety or depression, experiencing adjustment issues, family disputes, personality disorders, or day-to-day issues with their personal or professional lives will all benefit from this assistance. When family or friends are unable to assist, one requires this assistance; where they can be heard and understood in a nonjudgmental manner, and unconditional regard for whatever their concerns are. Psychological professionals are experts in the art of listening and can assist individuals in discussing their thoughts, making sense of difficult problems, and seeking a more meaningful way of life.

IMPACT works for both adults and children who are dealing with issues such as bullying, shyness, and hyperactivity.

What kinds of problems can it help?

Psychological counseling can help with a wide variety of individual problems. Psychological counselors are trained in modern psychological approaches to assist you in managing fears, panic, and anxieties, as well as depression and other kinds of sadness.

Psychological counseling is particularly effective in assisting you with the following issues:

  • Deal with stress, anxiety, and other day to day pressures
  • Handle crises in relationships
  • Cope with continuing family problems
  • Help with decision making
  • Personality problems
  • Breakthrough depression and sadness
  • Manage teenage issues; break-ups, emotional attachments, self-image, and self-esteem, etc
  • Confidence building and personality grooming
  • Bullying and harassment in school and at work
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD
  • Performance anxiety

As regards IMPACT’s ethics, we assure strict confidentiality of all clients and their issues. All therapy and counseling sessions are conducted by trained Clinical Psychologists.

In terms of IMPACT’s ethics, all clients and their problems are handled with absolute confidentiality. Clinical Psychologists are in charge of both therapy and counseling sessions.