Autumn Party for Staff

The autumn party is a great way for the staff at Impact to unwind with fun games, music and good food. This happens at Impact once a year and is dedicated to the hardworking staff at Impact that work throughout the week to ensure the best for all the children enrolled at Impact.

The autumn party symbolises the end of summer, and everyone is asked to dress in fall colours such as maroon, brown, yellow, orange etc. These team parties allow for co-workers to interact with each other in an environment separate from the daily routine of work and is a great way to ensure team spirit and morale remains high, especially in a workplace which requires a lot of physical and mental energy.

The staff at Impact has the ability to talk and be with each other on a personal level, strengthening the foundations and friendship amongst staff and ensuring a strong work environment with staff unity remains in place. This fosters healthy relationships between staff and allows for them to have a little bit of fun apart from their general work environment.